Webinar on May 13: How a Smart Hospital Responds to and Manages the COVID-19

Webinar Information:

Speaker’s Biography:

Dr. Lee Kwo-Whei

Superintendent of Yuanlin Christian Hospital

Dr. Lee Kwo-Whei is the Superintendent of Yuanlin Christian Hospital, which is the first Smart Hospital in Taiwan since 2015. Dr. Lee is now leading the Yuanlin Christian Hospital with the vision of being Patient-Centered& Eco-Friendly. Combining Healthcare, Information Technology, and Architecture Designing to improve the medical service for people living in central Taiwan.


COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented demand for digital health technology solutions and has
revealed successful solutions such as for population screening, tracking the infection, prioritizing the use
and allocation of resources, and designing targeted responses. In this session, Dr. Lee will share how to coordinate, response and manage the coronavirus in a smart hospital.