Webinar on May 29: Taiwan’s Response to COVID-19 -Implementing Local Government Strategies Experiences in Changhua County

Webinar Information:

Speaker’s Biography:

Dr. Yeh Yen-Po

Director of Public Health Bureau of Changhua County

Dr. Yeh Yen-po, MD, Ph.D. is graduated from the Institute of Epidemiology, School of Public Health of National Taiwan University. He has served as the Director of the Public Health Bureau of Changhua County since 2004.

During the SARS epidemic period, Dr. Yeh was the chief of SARS prevention, education, monitoring, and resources integrated center in central Taiwan. He has published many academic papers in diabetes, tuberculosis, health care system integration and local governance, etc. in different top journals.


The novel coronavirus is a global crisis and has been spreading all over the world. This crisis demands a strong, coordinated, inclusive, and coherent response between central and local public sectors. How local government officers implement the prevention policy, regulation as well as strategy and modify in accordance with the regional situation is critical for fighting the disease. In this session, Dr. Yeh will share his experience to coordinate and unity the health providers at Changhua County against the COVID-19.