Webinar on Jun 11: Big Data Monitoring, Analysis and Forecast about COVID-19 Pandemic

Webinar Information:

Speaker’s Biography:

Prof. Chen Hsiu-hsi

Deputy Dean, College of Public Health of National Taiwan University

Prof. Chen is an expert in the evaluation of intervention programs, with emphasis on population-based cancer screening and also universal vaccination programs, by using a series of complex statistical modeling to deal with several thorny issues that cannot be solved by classical approaches. These include the development of different health economic decision models for cancer screening programs and also vaccination program and prophylactic treatment.


During the COVID-19 outbreak period, Prof. Chen worked closely with the National Health Insurance Bureau of Taiwan to monitor and forecast the trend of the pandemic by big data analysis. In this session, Prof. Chen will share how to monitor the pandemic development, analyze the big data, and forecast the trend of the COVID-19 epidemic.