Webinar on Jun 18: Online Business Matching for Epidemic Prevention – Smart Products and Technology (1)

Webinar Information:

Topic 1: Prevent COVID-19 with Smart Healthcare Solutions in the Quarantine Area

Speaker’s Biography:

Mr. Beren Hsieh

Business Development Manager, imedtac Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hsieh is the business development manager of imedtac which is committed to building the next generation of integrated care platforms with the latest technologies, including the Internet of things, and providing quality, comprehensive care and real-time, multi-faceted communications. He is in charge of building connections and developing collaboration opportunities in the SEA region and the rest of the world.

Mr. Hsieh received his MSc. degree in biomedical engineering at National Yang-Ming University. He is focused on integrating technology into medical services and has worked as an R&D engineer, patent engineer, product manager, and project manager which gives him a comprehensive experience.


It is very important to establish a quarantined area to prevent high infections COVID-19 during medical treatment. 

We, imedtac, use cutting edge AIoT technology like telemedicine system and monitoring system in the quarantined area to reduce expose; use the mobile robot to help caregiver transporting medicine, supplements, and meals to quarantine area; use Epidemic Prevention Supplies Management Cabinet to store and control the medicine and the supplements in the quarantined area to lower the replenishment frequency. With all the intelligent AIoT solutions, we provide front line caregiver seamless protection against COVID-19.

Topic 2: The Use of Trachway Intubation System under COVID-19

Speaker’s Biography:

Mr. Josh Chen

Sales Representative, Markstein Sichtec Medical Corp

Josh has been working in the medical device industry for about 20 years after his biomedical engineering master’s education. During the years, he has been performing as a product manager, project manager, and sales marketing manager. His passion for international business development has driven him to enjoy his daily activities promoting MIT medical devices globally.


Trachway introduction:

  • Quick switch among video blades, video stylets, and video flexible stylet.
  • Protect the anesthesiologist with wireless video transmission.
  • Wireless video transmission allows a better view and keeps the distance.
  • Protect the anesthesiologist with video stylet during intubation.
  • Video stylet intubation will fix the distance and also a solution for quick intubation.

Topic 3: Modular Isolation Room

Speaker’s Biography:

Mr. Benjamin Lee

Associate Director, Iron Force Industrial CO., LTD.

My name is Benjamin. I was born in Taipei and raised in Canada. I majored in economics and Japanese at the University of Victoria. Before my career at IRF(IRON FORCE), I was working at Panasonic, in charge of the battery section.
This is my 5th year at IRF, managing the DHD department.

DHD department is in charge of Display and Houseware; now expanding into the medical field, mainly focusing on precise metal manufacturing. Products include modular isolation room, invasive surgical parts, continuous hemodynamic monitor, etc.


With the outbreak of the COVID, what can we do when there isn’t any effective way to prevent cross-infection or to provide a proper isolation environment!!?

Our proposal is the Modular Isolation Room which can:

  • Prevent contaminated air from leaking out
  • Dramatically decrease the chances of cross-infection
  • Can be easily assembled/disassembled
  • Provides patients comfort and privacy